Sample Letter to County Commissioners


1. Create efficiency in planning and provision of infrastructure

2. Fiscal Neutrality

3. Avoid Urban Sprawl


Dear Commissioner:


Please support CPA-2019-C, a simple change on the future land use map that will correct a mistake made in assigning the Hamlet RMA to the property. This land lies in the extreme north and east extremes of the county, most remote from the urban and country lines. By the premise of the 2050 plan, it should be as rural as any land in the county. The development code clearly states the county should not be burdened by providing services to these remote regions: “Normally, necessary urban services cannot be efficiently or economically provided to lands in this district in the foreseeable future.” Yet the practicality of building densely clustered homes in a suburban-type hamlet conflicts with the stated rural doctrine of very low-density, self-sustaining residential development. This also conflicts with RMA 1.1 - Create efficiency in planning and provision of infrastructure.


VOS Policy 2.9 requires fiscal neutrality for hamlets, which is difficult to accomplish this far east of the countryside line. Sarasota County collects more tax revenues from current eastern rural lands than the cost to provide services, basically because those residents expect only minimal services. That would not be the case with a suburban type hamlet in the far reaches of the county. Septic tanks and individual wells are environmentally sound when used at very low densities, but would not be so in tight-clustered multiple hamlet developments of thousands of homesites.


The 2050 Plan established a Countryside Line that limited the urban corridor to those lands west of it. This created a demarcation line east of which the County would maintain a rural land-use character. This concentrates utilities and services close to the urban/suburban line, thus reducing costs to county residents. A series of Hamlets, such as is proposed for the subject land, having a total of 6000 acres with 2400 homes would be considered urban sprawl when looking at it with the typical concerns raised related to residential development sprawling eastward. If Hamlets are supposed to be a transitional blend toward rural, eastern area of Sarasota County, why would one be situated in the extreme east end of the county? Please support this application. It is good for the current residents of Old Miakka, the tax-paying citizens of the county, and it supports the very reasons the 2050 plan was developed.

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