Sample Letter to County Commissioners


1. Preserve rural character, including opportunities for agriculture

2. Reduce automobile trips

3. Limit rural roadways to 2-lane traffic

Dear Commissioner:

Please support Application CPA-2019-C filed by the Old Miakka Community Club. It is a request to change the future land use on land at the east end of Fruitville Road from Hamlet to rural heritage. The Hamlet RMA would increase density to 2400 homes or more on the 6,000 acres now zoned for one home per 5 or 10 acres. This potential suburban development is bounded on two sides by roads limited to two-lane roadways by the 2050 plan, precisely to discourage traffic on eastern rural roads. 


Additionally, Commercial establishments, such as called for with Hamlet developments, constructed this far east will draw more traffic from urban areas into this rural neighborhood. Verna and Fruitville Roads will continue to be used as thoroughfares by traffic from S.R. 70 and Clay Gully Roads and should not be additionally burdened by shoppers and a higher density of homes. Rural Heritage/Estate (RH/E) RMA is a more appropriate designation to reduce automobile trips (RMA 1.1) and maintain our eastern rural roads as the 2050 plan prescribed. 

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