Sample Letter to County Commissioners


Preserve rural character, including opportunities for agriculture

Dear Commissioner:

     Please support CPA-2019-C, a request to change the future land use on land at the east end of Fruitville Road from Hamlet to rural heritage.

     One of the guiding principles of the 2050 plan (RMA 1.1) is to preserve the rural character of our county, including opportunities for agriculture.  As our agriculture lands continue to be converted to residential uses, the only hope for agriculture endeavors is in the remaining OUE and OUR zoned lands. The RH/E future land use designation is the only form that allows and encourages agriculture practices for individual property owners. The Unified development Code clearly states the impediments to agriculture in hamlet lands that eliminate most uses now in practice in Rural Heritage properties.  Hamlets do not even permit residents to own a horse or cow on the lot size currently proposed for hamlets. Additionally, can the suburban-like Hamlets even be compatible with current agricultural practices in the Old Miakka Community?

     The Fruitville Road properties in question are zoned OUE and OUR. The UDC defines these as intended for agricultural purposes, for resource conservation and activities with an agricultural orientation, and combines these uses with “very low-density” residential development. Densities proposed or currently defined for hamlets do not meet these criteria. These lands in the northeast corner of the county should never have received the hamlet designation. The Rural Heritage/Estate RMA is the more appropriate form that would encourage actual agricultural uses without impacting "suburban" residential homes. Please remedy this error by approving CPA-2019-C.

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