Sample Letter to County Commissioners


1. Preserve environmental systems

2. Direct population growth away from floodplains

3. Conserve water and energy

Dear Commissioner:


Please support Application CPA-2019-C. This change of future land use from hamlet to rural heritage better supports the premise of the 2050 plan to retain the natural contours and function of these eastern rural lands. Homes built at the current OUE/OUR density of one home to 5 or 10 acres, can be strategically placed to preserve the numerous ephemeral wetlands scattered throughout the land. Additionally, at this low density, a single raised house pad shouldn’t affect the hydrology and holding capacity of the “poorly drained” and “very poorly drained soils” that cover most of the area. The seasonal water levels are an environmental consideration that should be taken into account.


The “very low-density” residential development called for in current zoning code can ecologically sustain individual water wells and septic tanks.  These systems do not experience loss within distributions systems, do not incur costs associated with those systems and operate at substantially lower energy use. In reference to septic tanks, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection website states:  In 1997, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency publicly recognized “onsite systems…as potentially viable, low-cost, long-term, decentralized approaches to wastewater treatment if they are planned, designed, installed, operated and maintained properly.”


This land is improved pasture with scattered shallow wetlands. Birds, snakes, bugs, frogs, deer and small mammals depend upon the land for habitat or for corridors. Tight, clustered, small homesites with irrigated and manicured lawns will displace this wildlife use. But as evidenced by wildlife persistence throughout the Old Miakka Community, low-density homesites can retain animal use and diversity. When it comes to preserving the environmental systems, the less people/homes/density, the less stress on natural systems. And the less intrusion into these important watersheds, the better off they will be. If the County desires to encourage development that has less impact on water and energy consumption, then the Rural Heritage/Estate RMA appears to be the more appropriate choice.

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